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Please note: After 12/21 St. Joseph Co. Bar WILL NOT offer any additional local CLE in 2016.  PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY!!!

12/6  & 7   Indiana Law Survey (12 CLE, 1 Ethics)



12/9 Powerful Witness Prep (6 CLE)

register:  https://iclef.inreachce.com/Details?groupId=d6210415-ef0c-481a-9d81-b6da7cae2b1b

12/12 Current Issues in GUN LAWS (3 CLE, 1 Ethics)


12/13 & 14  (Elder Law 12 CLE, 2 Ethics)

Register: https://iclef.inreachce.com/Details?groupId=c77d4f10-39c2-49f0-b677-d06cbe26f4e2

12/20 & 21 Year in Review (12 CLE, 2 Ethics)

Register: https://iclef.inreachce.com/Details?groupId=fcd020a1-f05a-481f-9e08-8cebae392ea0

CLE Opportunities around the State:

2016 Judicial Survey Results are Here

Each year, members of the St. Joseph County Bar Association are invited to participate in an anonymous survey regarding the performance of the St. Joseph Superior Court judges. The results of this survey provide important information to the public regarding the collective opinions of the attorneys who practice in the Superior Court. In most election years, one or more of the Superior Court judges are on the election ballot with the question whether the judge should be retained in office. The information in this survey is offered to help voters make that decision.


 (Almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About e-Filing

When will e-filing come to your county? http://www.in.gov/judiciary/4273.htm

St. Joseph County will begin on a voluntary basis in May of 2017 and on a mandatory basis in July of 2017. The SJCBA will work to provide guidance and training.