2017 Local Practice Seminar

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Upcoming Events and CLE

Plan ahead!

  • 12/12&13 — IN Law Survey (12 CLE, 1 ethics) – Register with SJCBA
  • CANCELLED 12/14 — LIVE — E-filing: Where are we now with Clerk Rethlake and DOX POP e-filing for probate attorneys and staff (Live CLE at WNIT Studios) (2 CLE) — Register with SJCBA
  • 12/15 — Winning Before Trial: the ten keys to winning depositions (ICLEF Video Replay) (6 CLE) – Register with ICLEF
  • 12/18 — CME for Family Mediators (ICLEF Video Replay) (6 CME / 6 CLE) – Register with ICLEF (pending)
  • 12/19&20 — Indiana Law Update (ICLEF Video Replay) (12 CLE / 1 Ethics) – Register with ICLEF

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Helpful e-filing links and tips

After a couple of “e-filing only” weeks, clerks, lawyers, and judges are discovering some best practices. Here are a couple for you to incorporate into your work flows.

  • Be sure to sign everything you file, including property settlement agreements. Without paper minute entries, no one knows who filed a document if you don’t have your name on it. (Don’t forget, Trial Rule 11 says thou shalt sign all filings even if the client signs it.)
  • Call the clerks or court before submitting a notice of hearing so you can include the date and time on the notice. This helps filings move through the system more quickly.

Useful links:

 You need to read this

Believe it or not, computer hackers are interested in getting access to your computer systems. Madison County, Indiana was hacked and had its networks taken over by “ransomware”—software that encrypts your data and keeps it from you unless you pay a ransom. The cost for Madison County to free up their computers? Twenty-one thousand dollars. You’ve undoubtedly heard about the recent spread of ransomware affecting tens of thousands of computers around the world. In the eyes of the hackers, smaller and unsophisticated law firms are easier targets.

Lawyers and law firms must protect themselves. For more information and advice, check out this article in the ABA Journal: Law firms must manage cybersecurity risks. Also, check with your malpractice carrier to see if it offers coverage for claims like ransomware.