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e-Filing is almost here!

Like it or not, e-filing will be available in the St. Joseph County court system soon. On July 1, it will be mandatory. The time to get ready is now, not June 25. We highly recommend that you review the following web sites so you know what software you will need and you can choose an e-filing provider. Also, be sure your office staff is trained as well!

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 You need to read this

Believe it or not, computer hackers are interested in getting access to your computer systems. Madison County, Indiana was hacked and had its networks taken over by “ransomware”—software that encrypts your data and keeps it from you unless you pay a ransom. The cost for Madison County to free up their computers? Twenty-one thousand dollars. You’ve undoubtedly heard about the recent spread of ransomware affecting tens of thousands of computers around the world. In the eyes of the hackers, smaller and unsophisticated law firms are easier targets.

Lawyers and law firms must protect themselves. For more information and advice, check out this article in the ABA Journal: Law firms must manage cybersecurity risks. Also, check with your malpractice carrier to see if it offers coverage for claims like ransomware.