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Posted: October 2, 2018

The comment period is now under way for the Proposed Local Rules.  All comments must be submitted prior to November 5, 2018.  Instructions on how to submit comments the proposed rules themselves are listed below.

NOTICE: LOCAL RULES UPDATE from October 2, 2018

New Small Claims Forms

The St Joseph Superior Court, Small Claims Division will be implementing new forms for Small Claims. The Court prefers these forms and will be releasing them throughout the year. If you would like electronic versions of the forms, please email Small Claims Administrative Assistant Gail Papczynski at GPapczyn@co.st-joseph.in.us.

Divorce cases with children

Please recall that the local family law rules require parents in divorce cases to contact the Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau and sign up for two co-parenting classes. Judges in both Circuit and Superior Courts have noticed a number of cases where the parents have not completed the classes but have submitted a settlement agreement and decree. Each judge handles this situation differently, but practitioners should remember to advise their clients to complete the classes as soon as possible. Thank you! [Posted May 13, 2016]